AGM 2021 Meeting Notes

Posted 8 months ago / Lee R
Thursday 2nd December 2021

Farndon Boat Club AGM

13th November 2021  @ 15:00


Neil Walton

Ian Swallow

Alison Dawes

Bradley Wilson

Peter Riley

Sandra Riley

Stef Rzepinski

Sonja Ellis-Rudd

Sallie Roberts

Richard Fawbert

Julie Fawbert

Paul Ainsworth

Andrea Schuster

Miles Lowther

John Wilmott

Di Wilmott

Lee Rudd


Each member of the committee introduced themselves with a brief summary of their boating experience.

2021 Overview

Lee Rudd (Commodore) opened the meeting with a summary of last year. 

I met with the East Midlands Director and the Operations & Communications Manager for CRT in the East Midlands on Monday 16th August to discuss the state of the River Trent and its facilities whilst covering all points in detail that the club members and marina berth holders provided.

Maintenance of locks

This is an issue for CRT based on available funding. Current approach is to try and keep the locks in service where possible without having to close access during the boating season. Gunthorpe has already been addressed with work completed recently with Nether Lock and Newark Town Lock appearing in their Winter Works Programme for 2021 that I recently shared.

I suggested that CRT altered their stoppage messaging to include details of the issue and include timescales of work required to be completed to ensure boaters are fully aware and can plan current and future trips around potential closures. This I have already seen in the recent stoppage notice issued.

Silting & Depth Issues

The River Trent in 2022 will have a dredging plan and resources allocated for all locks and known depth issues. This includes the bottom side of Newark, stretch between Nether Lock and A1 bridge as well as Stoke and Hazelford Lock. The process will begin with a survey boat travelling the length of the River Trent from Nottingham Steps to Cromwell and on to Gainsborough.

CRT have asked for our help in identifying other areas that review their attention, I will be sharing further information about how you can participate in this exercise.

Manning of Locks

CRT is working to address this problem, recently the number of volunteers available has reduced sharply due to a number of issues including long-term illnesses, deaths and abuse from boaters. CRT find themselves in a vicious circle but have approximately 6 new volunteers going through training along with redistributing excess volunteers from Sawley to other stretches of the River Trent bottom side of Nottingham where possible.

Onboarding of volunteers is a slow and painful process to meet their insurance providers risk assessments etc.

Speeding Fines

A number of individuals have recently been issued with fines for speeding by CRT. Residents occupying the flats opposite Kings Waterside Marina have provided video footage of ribs speeding up and down the Newark Cut. A reminder to boaters that the speed limit of 4 mph commences at the entrance of the Newark Cut at the Winthorpe Weir through Newark to the bottom side of Nether Lock.


The Commodore has an upcoming meeting with representatives from CRT, IWA, TBA and Trentlink Group to discuss the use of accurate topography on the River Trent - Tidal Section. The outcome of that meeting will be shared with you shortly. 


The club finances could not be disclosed as hand over has not been fully completed as yet. Once access to the online banking is resolved, the annual accounts will be produced.

2022 Committee

Votes were taken for the following positions on the committee and agreed

Lee Rudd – Commodore

Miles Lowther – Vice Commodore

Brad Wilson – Rear Commodore

Sallie Roberts – Membership Secretary

Andrea Schuster – Secretary

Sonja Ellis-Rudd – Treasurer


Membership Fees will remain free for the coming year and will be reviewed at next year’s AGM.

It was proposed that the boat club should be opened to other mariners in the area.

The monies in the boat club account to be reviewed and the slush fund that is required at a minimum to be agreed.

Currently the number of members of FBC is unknown.  Try to identify membership numbers.  

Farndon Marina

Paul Ainsworth spoke about the last year at the marina.

  • The bridge has been repainted and it looks really good.

  • To prevent kids jumping off the bridge there will be panels inserted between the uprights.  Initially there will be just 6, but if required all 26 panels will be fitted.

  • Canal & River trust licences are not required if moored in the marina but once out on the river you should have a licence.  If anyone is told otherwise, they should report this to the Marina office.  Farndon currently issues licences for 7 days, 1 month, 3 months, 6 months and 12 monthly.  30 day explorer licences are no longer available. 

  • All boats moored in Newark Marina require having licences all year around.

  • Lighting around the marina is being replaced with LEDs.

  • Martin has resigned from the marina’s engineering team, however there are two new members, Peter and Ryan.

  • Paul would like to thank the patience of the boat owners who have been waiting on work to be carried out on their boat over the last 12 months. By Christmas he is hoping to have caught up with the backlog of work.

  • Stewart is keeping the marina clean and tidy as usual.

  • In November / December all hard standing spaces will have the Triton system for electricity supply.

  • There were a few issues with the Triton system initially but is confident that this has now been sorted.

  • Anyone wanting any tutorials on the Triton system Paul is happy to go through it with them.

  • The current 3 year fixed electricity contract is due to end.  Paul has negotiated with a new supplier, however as the prices have gone up over the last 6 months in general.  This means that from 1st of December 2021 prices at the marina will increase from 16.5p per unit to 27p per unit.  This is fixed for 3years.  This will be communicated to all berth holders via email from the marina.

  • E5 petrol will be available from the marina rather than E10 as this is more suitable for older engines.

  • If you see anything at the marina that is broken please let the marina office know so that it can be fixed.

  • Fishermen.  No fishing allowed in the marina.  If you see any, please report it to the office or call Paul on his mobile.

Q&A Session

Q - What is the state of the books?  Have they been audited?

A – We have all the paperwork.  Accounts have been handed over, just waiting on access to accounts.

Q – Any plans for anything over the winter?

A – There will be winter talks. Next committee meeting will take place in January when dates of events will be agreed and advertised for the full year ahead.

Q – Will there be a rally next year?

A – Will look into it to see if there is any appetite for it. Need to look into how it will be managed on the day. Venue? Can it be held away from the marina? Covid needs to be considered. The competitions would need to be reviewed to make it easier. If anyone has any ideas, please put them forward to the committee.

Q – Can we have a film screening at Hazelford again?

A – Will be considered

Club Communication

All communications will be done through Facebook and the website. 

If anyone wants to put anything onto the website, please contact Lee Rudd via email: .

Laying up Supper on 27th November 2021 unfortunately had to be cancelled due to low numbers wanting to attend. Full refunds will be given to all who had purchased tickets.

Lee Rudd thanked everyone who attended on behalf of the committee.