Safety at Locks

Posted a year ago / Clive A
Thursday 20th February 2020

• When approaching a lock, never jump off the boat. Surfaces can be slippery and a fall between the boat and lock wall could be extremely dangerous.
• Always have a competent person on board.
• Never leave the boat unattended.
• Take your time - don't rush. Keep an eye open for problems.
• Make sure no one has their hands or feet dangling over the boat's side.
• Children should wear lifejackets/bouyancy aids, be fully supervised and kept well away from the edge.
• Ensure nobody is standing on the wrong side of the balance beam when the gates are being opened. Push gates open, it's easier than pulling.
• When the water rushes in, it can be very noisy. Use hand communication signals which everyone knows beforehand.
• Keep the boat well away from the gates and cills.
• Make sure that the fenders do not get caught on anything.