Laying the Keel Supper: Covid-19

Posted a year ago / Stuart P
Tuesday 17th March 2020

Hello everyone

Our overriding aim to our members is to limit the risk to you and your family's health, so that you can enjoy your boating as far as practically possible over the coming weeks and months.

As a result of the escalating problem of the coronavirus we have decided to cancel the upcoming Laying the Keel party on Saturday 28th of March.

It was with great disappointment that we had to make this decision but feel there is no alternative given the latest recommendations and Government guidelines. With countries in lockdown to reduce the spread of the virus, we as a club think it would be irresponsible to go ahead with the party and to unnecessarily put our members at risk. We have members living in a wide range of areas around the country, some of which are in known infected areas.

Anyone who has paid for their ticket will of course be entitled to a full refund. When it is appropriate to do so, contact the committee member you purchased your ticket from and they will refund your money.

We will monitor the situation within the UK and make an informed decision on the Hull trip nearer the time.

Please keep an eye on the new website for further developments with up and coming events. We will also keep you updated with further news letters as and when they are required. If you require any up to date guidance on Covid-19 please visit:

We hope that you and your families remain safe over this difficult time.